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Monday, May 19, 2008

A fluffly clothes tip!

Ah, Gentle Reader -

I'm sorry to have neglected you - traveling, working on the Heart Break Productionz' feature comedy film The Whole Truth, life and more has left me with less time to devote to my blog, and just when I have so very much to share with you!

I always want to enlighten or inform or entertain you .. so for now, this tidy tidbit will have to suffice -- and it really works, cross my heart.

To have fluffy clothes come out of the clothes dryer .. especially larger pieces like bed spreads .. toss in about 6 tennis balls. They keep the warm air flowing through cloth more evenly and prevent critical clothes clumping!

I keep 6 tennis balls in the dryer permanently.

So if you love fluffy clothes as much as I do? Seriously, balls are your best bet.



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