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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet shoot on day #6

We went through scene after scene today, smooth as a cool glass of milk goes down with a homemade chocolate cookie right out of the oven.

Actress Pisay Pao will make quite a name for herself in this film - it's her first and she's kicking it out of the park.

The animal trainer relaxed more so the dog did, too; he had a fabulous day of performing.

Elisabeth had a day off today and dropped by the set just to say hello and bring a close friend and the friend's niece to check things out.

The very experienced crew and producers had never heard of a star doing this before - coming on the set when it's their day off just to visit. But Elisabeth had lunch with us, hung out a bit and left to enjoy the rest of her day.

Tomorrow will be the same - we're shooting a very funny longer scene, then the crew is packing up from our current location (in some very huge trucks) and moving to a new location where we'll be shooting a couple exterior scenes.

Both scenes involve walking, but I don't like characters to simply walk, I like them to have a little natural action along the way. Gives the story and the characters more "oomph!"

What delicious fun - loads of hard work with a group of massively talented and positive people making a film of which we're all proud.

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