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Friday, October 24, 2008

Film set codes .....


A bunch of folks on set have little two-way radios with which they speak to one another. They're used for paging, finding, reporting, requesting, informing and connecting the crew and cast of nearly 100.

The person everyone talks about most?

The director.

This is because the director has to respond to everyone about what is needed to make each scene come alive -- colors, materials, looks, clothes, hair, make-up, actor movement, props, set dressing, rehearsal, blocking, shooting -- and more.

For the last three days we've been shooting on a set that took up the entire floor of a major Seattle business building because we housed all our departments there as well as the set on which we were shooting.

Unfortunately, the women's bathroom is on the other side of the building's floor - like a five minute (very fast) walk away.

At least we had a real bathroom, unlike the previous 7 days of shooting wherein we used honey buckets.

At any rate, the code for using the bathroom is "10-1." Ten-one. I also say, "Ten oh-one."

Well, unlike the other 100 or so people in the cast and crew, everyone needs to know where the director is every moment.

So when I would excuse myself for a 10-1, I'd hear radios echo this for my entire walk as I passed offices and crew members wearing the two-way radios. "The director is 10-1." "Colleen is 10-1." "Just saw Colleen passing AD (assistant directors) office." "Locations has its eye on the director who is 10-1." "Colleen is wanted on set - if you see her 10-1, let her know." "Colleen is 10-1 and we're still waiting for her on set - anyone seen her?"

Oh, my goodness. I've lost more weight in my pursuit of 10-1 because I started walking quickly and have graduated to jogging. I expect to be a full-fledged sprinter by the end of the shoot next week.

Is nothing sacred?

Meanwhile, today was magic on the set. Elisabeth Röhm, Eric Roberts, Peter Weinstein, Rick Overton and Jim Holmes were on fire today - we got some amazing performances from each of them.

Only five days left to get the last 15 scenes -- that's three scenes a day. Some are long, others short. It means a lot of work in several locations to wrap everything up.

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