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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Editing is rocking!

Editor Stephen Myers and I are spending our days finessing THE WHOLE TRUTH rough cut - we shipped the version we're refining to our composer Ragnar Rosinkranz in LA to flesh out the score.

We added the cues he sent us to our copy and they're perfect.

Opening and closing themes fit like a glove. Capturing the film's essence in about :30 seconds for the opening is amazing; the closing is longer because it features the credits and a lot of folks worked on the film.

Plus there's a special surprise included with the credits ... and no, I'm not talking about outtakes -- they are so yesterday!

I'm talking about something very fresh, fun, new and a first. Which I think we'll include in all our Heart Break Productionz feature films.

I start finessing the script for the next feature (a comedy) I'm directing this coming weekend. We may be in LA casting the first part of December, heading for pre-production in January.

Back to work!

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