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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The down side of being a director

It's said that 90% of the director's job is choosing the right cast.

This is not as simple as it sounds. There are all sorts of casting obstacles for good actors, not the least of which are their schedules.

But if it turns out the way we want, it makes a huge difference in the life of a film.

Casting just the right folks and working with a kick ass crew found by our producers (ultimately chosen by me, but they seek the candidates) comes a close second.

In the case of THE WHOLE TRUTH cast and crew all came together just as they should have, just as I wanted. Knock wood, say a prayer of thanks, light a candle, rub Ho Tai's tummy and head.

But then here comes the down side:

With only five days of shooting left, after being in "shooting battle" shoulder to shoulder with these wonderful folks, their families and pets for 5 weeks, it's coming to an end.

It's like being a parent. You know the kids of whom you are so proud and love so much have to go on their merry way to excel and create even more happiness in their lives (although I hope to work with most of them again and soon), but it is still pretty heartbreaking.

Thus, Heart Break Productionz.

Such marvelous folks, such extraordinary talent, skill, support and collaboration. I'm going to miss them so much. I have such respect and affection for them. I can't imagine not seeing them as I go to work every morning.

After my short vacation, editor Stephen Myers will be here in Seattle editing the film with me for about a month of dedicated toil. The film should be locked Dec. 15, then the music and sound sweetening will be added, completely finishing the film about Jan 30 because of the holiday break. At which time, we'll fill out the film's website with all sorts of goodies and great stuff.

During that time, I'll also be finessing the script for THE LONELY GOATHERD, which we should have mapped out for production by the middle or end of next Month.

What a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving. As for me, my personal Thanksgiving will be spent soaking in every moment I have left to be in the company of such magnificence that is the crew and cast of THE WHOLE TRUTH and of course enjoying our wrap party the night after we wrap.

And looking forward to seeing almost everyone again on the sets and locations of THE LONELY GOATHERD. Two of our major THE WHOLE TRUTH cast members are already cast in THE LONELY GOATHERD, and in distinctly different types of roles, so it will be another hoot and a half!

I can harldly wait.

Until then, my only focus is devoted to the last few days of shooting THE WHOLE TRUTH, capturing scenes and action that complete the moving massive jigsaw that is the puzzle of creating a motion picture.

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