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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New email for the production!

First, I have to report that the response to my script, The Lonely Goatherd, has been phenomenal. Actors and crew.

More importantly, we have a new production office email address: thelonelygoatherdmovie@hotmail.com. So our poor correspondent who has suffered from receiving our errant emails will suffer no more. Whew.

Right now we're working on getting The Whole Truth ready for meetings with distributors; we'll fly down to LA as soon as the film is as presentable as we can get it. It's a little long now, so editor Stephen Myers and I will streamline it over the next four or five days.

Composer Ragnar Rosinkranz' music is sensational - everyone loves it!

Between The Lonely Goatherd, The Whole Truth and our third screwball comedy project, Spare Change - I'm looking into various cloning methods!

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