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Monday, November 24, 2008

Opening, closing and credits

We're filling in temporary titles, credits and other written information that will cross the screen starting and ending the film. The permanent titles and credits are added after everything else is finished in post production.

Both are meant to be entertaining ... drawing you in right away and keeping you excited to see what's coming next during its screening and after the film ends.

Editor Stephen Myers and I are looking at it from beginning to end more often now to catch everything we can to tighten, correct, improve, brighten, enlighten, punch up and accentuate.

It appears we will not have to have anyone 'loop' lines .. that is, bring cast members into a sound studio to repeat lines that were somehow lost in the filming process. Our sound mixer Bob Marts is one of the best, and I'm a sound *nut* so while I wasn't counting on it (I've never had to loop any film I've made), I was hoping we wouldn't have to spend the money on looping, but instead on other things that will spice up the look of the film.

The time to have a private screening is coming up .. probably about mid-December .. then last minute touches and it goes in for sound sweetening, color correction and special effects touches. That may all be done in January because of the holidays and scheduling considerations.


Then it is unleashed on you!

Meanwhile, I'm simultaneously doing my usual director's image detail work and script finessing for our next feature, which is starting to feel pretty exciting to me. I've never worked on fewer than three projects at a time - it keeps me excited, focused (believe it or not) and organized. It also keeps me from going into a funk after I finish a project - at least for too long.

I'm so looking forward to casting the new feature - it's going to be so much fun and I'm going to meet such wonderful, skilled, talented actors as well as welcome back at least some of the folks who starred in THE WHOLE TRUTH! But who? We don't know yet, except for Elisabeth Röhm, who will portray one of the most unusual supporting characters ever to grace the silver screen.

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  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger The Entertainment Corner said…

    Unleash it on us!! :)

    So maybe by February 09 it will be in theaters? That would be an awesome birthday present.

    No don't worry I am not expecting an answer ... I know it's not easy to predict exactly when you'll have it ready.

    It will be great that you will be able to work with Elisabeth again.

    Oh and private screening ... so noticed that part ... won't lie, uber jealous of those lucky people getting to attend.


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