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Friday, June 05, 2009

SIFF filmmakers' dinner

I was invited to an intimate dinner for several SIFF filmmakers last evening, and had a terrific time.

I didn't hob the knob very much; I pretty much stayed with the folks at my table until we all walked amongst each other at the end of the evening.

The good news is that the folks on my table all worked on the Seattle indie sensation, "Humpday," the Lynn Shelton bromance feature about two straight friends who decide to make a gay porn film to win some cash.

I see it Sunday at SIFF.

I sat between Lynn and her camera assistant Nate Miller; across from one of the film's stars, the delightful, darling Alycia Delmore, and Lynn's co-producer Jennifer Maas.

What great food, conversation and stories!

The award-winning director/actor just returned from Cannes, where Humpday played; Magnolia Pictures is the film's distributor. It enjoys a limited US theatrical opening next month with a potential wide release following in typical indie rollout scheme.

International releases aren't far behind (since this blog reaches readers in 104 nations, you may want to check their website for the international release places and dates where you live), although there is no similar colloquial term for the American Humpday in other cultures.

In the US, Wednesday is called "humpday," because Wednesday at noon, we say we're "over the hump" of the week. That is, that is the halfway point of the week, after that it's all "downhill." We've made it over the hump for the week.

"Hump" is also American slang for having sex.

The mind boggles at how other languages will attempt to describe two heterosexual men who decide to make a gay porn film without complicating the title's intent. Some great American films have been killed by bizarre other language titles that made no sense.

She's working on a new film - one that relies on her style of directing actors improvising from a basic script outline she's written - only this one has just two primary characters.

Meanwhile, while I was starting beautiful new friendships with other artists over some fine dining, my assistant Aaron Heinzen was off doing color commentary for the Portland Timbers' soccer match with Montreal Impact on FOX Sports Northwest cable network.

Aaron's a former professional soccer player; his last team was the Timbers - his promising career sadly cut short because of injuries - partly caused by the overuse of incorrect "heading" techniques as a kid. Make sure your coach teaches you how to use your head properly when you're playing soccer, kids!

Today starts my serious work creating a unique distribution/marketing plan for THE WHOLE TRUTH! I am very excited to get started on it. We're getting screening DVD's made of the finished film through our good friends at Modern Digital post production services as we attend to other logistical matters.

Again, my deepest thanks to you blog readers who flew in to Seattle to see TWT!

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  • At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Caitlin said…

    I'm excited for the DVD to get a distribution deal. You know I will be buying a copy! :D


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