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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Watch TV live from several nations - FREE

I got to watch Britain's Got Talent - free and live - because of an Internet hookup here, called My peer-to-peer, or Myp2p.

News, sports, music, entertainment and more is available from the US, UK, Russia, Europe and more through this link.

If you speak European languages or are learning, this is a terrific way to tune in any time and listen to the language in action; if it's your native tongue - watch away!

You can register for free (or not) to view - if you register you can report new channels or any that may not be functioning. There's a list of networks (channels) to the left to peruse from several nations in each category (news, sports, entertainment, etc).

Or you can search by nation for a specific type of programing you seek.

Of course the Internet is rife with land mines of problems that we have to educate ourselves to avoid, but my oh my - here's one more reason I LOVE my computer!

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