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Friday, June 19, 2009

What Kristina Lilley says about my acting coaching!

For those who don't know, Kristina Lilley is a famous actress in Spanish-speaking nations and on Telemundo (NBC owned Spanish speaking network) in the US.

She's especially well-known for her roles as villains - bad bad sexy vixens - but in THE WHOLE TRUTH, she plays a good cop (a role she's always wanted to portray!). This is her first role in an English-speaking feature film!

I was her acting coach for two years when she lived in Seattle with her then husband, who was taking advanced studies at the University of Washington. At the end of his studies, they moved back to Colombia, South America, where she resumed her work in television and films.

Kristina got the role by auditioning. Me being her former acting coach did not play a part in her getting cast. But being familiar with her skills, background, dedication, non-diva attitude and how easy she is to work with definitely made me think of her when we were looking at actors to audition for the role.

Here she talks about how she found me through this website - and why it persuaded her to contact me!

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  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How about more Hollywood exposure? In Latin America the soap opera writers are always following the same format and many could become great stars in the Latino market; provided they have the right looks.

    She represents a cop in this film but imagine her on a more powerful role.

    In V, the series about extra terrestrials, you imagine her as the neutral party. A messenger from out of space with a mission to reestablish balance, based on prior experience with the V's in her own planet, she must interfere bringing a vaccine. Planet Earth is a recording of several kinds who stopped by left information and departed. Her role is that of an intrepid librarian. Earth is the library and the knowledge in it must be kept vibrant.

    Lilley is a versatile actress and it is about time she gets to show herself in larger, popular TV series, like The V.

    I watch the series and after watching her on this film, well, I cannot stop including her in my head as I watch the V and add to the plot an actress like Kristina Lilley.

    She would be awesome.


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