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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Living life backward

A friend recently told me that most folks my age are getting ready to exit a working environment and think about "taking it easy."

I believe she even mentioned a rocking chair.

I must be living my life backward because I've never been more enthused about my life, my work, relationships, learning, teaching, nature, art and seeking new ways of doing what I do and the way I do it.

The way I see it, I've put in a lot of years learning, have a massive amount of experience and have never been more excited about applying it, as well as being open to fulfill my real life's goal: to learn everything there is to know.

An unachievable goal, perhaps, but I still aim high and am always thrilled when I find something I don't know, discover new ways of approaching whatever it is life hands me, a surprise rendezvous or encounter.

I guess I consider myself a person who has more potential than someone who has already fulfilled her promise.

Energy isn't an issue for me, and believe me I am grateful for that - I can pursue and do whatever I wish without any physical limitations.

So what do I do?

In addition to pursuing my hobbies, I'm helping care for rescued horses, caring for friends and my wee family, writing-producing-directing a video project that's going to help many, many children throughout the world; writing-directing-producing a new feature film; getting my feature film THE WHOLE TRUTH in the hands of the right distributor, writing and rewriting future feature scripts and constantly learning new things.

I'm also currently focused on my photography and drawing techniques; music is always a passion; painting comes next.

And that's just my morning! ;-)

The word aging is not one I use - I just consider myself living.

Now at a new stage of my life.

But, thinking about it, aren't they all?

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