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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm undergoing some positive transitions, personally and professionally, and the journey feels really good. As if I'm taking a step up in life.


When they're a blind-siding surprise or imposed - do not feel good. Recovery from unexpected, hurtful changes can take a long time and be painful.

Change doesn't scare or bother me - it excites me.

I don't mean change for the sake of change, but change that I believe will enhance my life, lifestyle, relationships, environment, work, whatever.

Some of it entails tasks I've wanted to undertake for awhile - streamlining, getting rid of what I don't need, want or use any longer; others include adjusting my schedule; taking steps to upgrade my level of writing, directing, producing, singing, whatever,

I like preparing for new projects - I have several that are in the development stage; another ready-for-preproduction to shoot and a couple whose subjects I'm researching.

I guess I enjoy planning, researching and preparing for the future while enjoying doing what I do in the present. I've found that when I don't prepare and work for a future I want, life has a way of doing it for me and I'd much rather take the next step, prepped and as ready as I can be for what the world has to offer than be at its mercy. Anticipating its arrival is way more fun than dreading or fearing what "might" happen.

It's like the Girl Scout ditty - make new friends, but keep the old; one is sliver, the other gold. Keeping what works, but spiffing up, and adding what makes a positive difference.

One of the transitions I'm particularly happy with is losing weight, which is turning out to be reasonably easy the longer I'm away from the drugs I've been taking for beating cancer for nearly eight years. My joints have stopped aching, I have even more energy than ever and for some reason my sense of taste has changed. What tasted good before - like comfort foods - are nearly repulsive to me now; I favor natural foods and the major ingredients in my meals now are vegetables and fruits. That combined with being much more physically active is a winning combination!

Putting the house in complete order also feels terrific. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff feels like my home is losing weight as well. Drawers, cabinets, nooks and cranny's are all getting streamlined. I know where things are; I can find what I need, want or use, instead of having to deal with clutter.

I'm not expecting to create a completely pristine environment. My place will always reflect an active life - not just because of my work. I live with three dogs and a cat, have hobbies that take up room and folks tend to like coming here for meetings.

It may be the same place I've lived for 18 years, a little reworked and trimmed down, but it feels brand new and empowered - just like this next stage of my life.

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