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Friday, August 21, 2009

LEWIN GROUP: owned by US health insurance industry

Here's a Washington Post article outlining who owns the Lewin Group.

The reason this information is important? Republicans against any health care reform constantly refer to its bogus "research,"calling it "nonpartisan."

It is completely, absolutely and positively partisan, owned by the second largest health care corporation in the US: United Health.

There's a lot of information about the Lewin Group, its misleading "research" and consulting work on the WWW. Just type Lewin Group in your search engine and hit ENTER.

Here's an article based on the Columbia Journalism Review's questioning why mainstream media continue to feature quotes from Republicans using Lewin Group "research" and claiming it's nonpartisanship - without comment - when references to Lewin Group "information" is considered by those wanting health care reform as tantamount to a hoax.

Check out the Washington Post article to see how the Lewin Group has been caught and held accountable for some of their misleading statements.

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