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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Writing is such sweet misery...

I'm in the throes of rewriting my new film script THE LONELY GOATHERD ("All Harry ever wanted was a wife and kids. He got half his wish...") - which inspired my recent blog on the hair-pulling, breathe-in-a-paper-bag, sleepless, eat-everything-in-sight to "carb up" to prepare for my writing marathon.

And how different - lost and crazed - I look when I actually write than how I appear in the photos of me they attach to the work, in which I appear so calm and collected.

Having butted heads with the important changes I see and how I need to make them in the script thanks to insightful - and affordable - notes from LA script analyst Michael Cheda, who was referred by the dearly missed, late screenwriter and author (Save the Cat!) Blake Snyder.

While still a whole lotta fun, the story has a little more truth injected into its structure and characters; in an edgy comedy script like this it's easy to get goofy, and therefore unbelievable. That doesn't serve the characters or the work as a whole.

Like all writers, I LOVE to do minor but important tasks that take me away from my computer - alphabetizing my sock drawer, painting the dogs' toenails (choosing the right color can take hours), checking my horoscope to see what Christmas gifts I should get friends - or if I should.

I mean, if my horoscope says I'm in for a stormy time with pals ... well, there ya go. Money saved.

Or, if-



Back to work.

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