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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friars Club Comedy Film Festival ticket info!

Due to popular demand!

THE WHOLE TRUTH schedule for the festival, where you can also buy tickets.

Location of the venues; THE WHOLE TRUTH screens at the Paley Center for Media.


Saturday a.m:

I forgot to tell you that at the Coen Brothers' festival premiere Thursday night for THE SERIOUS MAN, there was a major red carpet for everyone involved with the film fest to pass through before entering the theater, lined with glaring lights and many paparazzi, all eagerly waiting to get shots of celebrities.

Well, John Fugelsang and I arrived quite early for the film, me believing it started an hour before it actually did, so we start walking toward the theater when one of the photographers recognizes John and calls out to him. John happily shook his hand and as they chatted, the other photographers were abuzz: Who is that guy? What's going on?

I smiled and handed them placards for THE WHOLE TRUTH, telling them he's one of the stars of the film - which is in the festival.

Suddenly they all started taking photos of John - who was looking mah-velous - and one TV crew even interviewed him with silly pop culture questions - at which John is the master. So whatever program interviewed him was sure to air it, he was so articulate and clever (Q: "Who has the biggest boobs in show business today?" John: "William Morris.")

Casting agent Russell Boast is meeting me before the 3pm screening today - some of our crew members (UPM Alexis Arnold, 2nd AD Jessica Hong, film changer Webb) - I'm really looking forward to seeing them again. A distributor will also be on hand as my guest; afterward I'm meeting briefly with a highly recommended distribution attorney who will have seen our film, and who knows what the evening will bring?

Tomorrow evening the awards dinner and closing ceremonies will be held; I hope to catch a couple festival films earlier. I've been so busy getting the word out about our screening I haven't had a chance to enjoy any other films but the Coen Brothers' THE SERIOUS MAN.

I've taken photos, but have to get a downloading connection for my computer before I can show them!


was spent delivering a screening DVD to a distributor's office and checking out many NYC landmarks, carrying my film's placards, which I handed out at every opportunity.

Broadway, 30 Rock, Rockefeller Center, Times Square are but a few I visited. I had to take photos where Tina Fey works and walks (admitted fan), I also bought a 30 Rock cap, which looks mighty fine resting on my noggin if I do say so.

I walked miles around the city today as well as took taxi's a couple times. They are quite affordable here.

John Fugelsang and his wife papered East and West Greenwich Village with placards today.

Turns out the luncheon we expected to attend today was only for big spenders at the festival - not filmmakers. One of the organizers apologized profusely for the misunderstanding - this is the second time it's happened.

I think it's a reflection of inexperience - this being their first festival. We filmmakers are surprised, since the key spirit of any festival is supposed to be about appreciating films and filmmakers, not just the folks who pay huge bucks to the sponsoring organization.

Another similar for-big-spenders luncheon is being held tomorrow, discussing screenwriting. Which means that at the end of the festival, filmmakers will have had no special luncheon or dinner, just separate receptions for shorts and feature makers.

It's always good to have gatherings for the filmmakers so we can network, get to know each other and learn from one another.

Meanwhile, today was the first of the full slate of films to be screened - I'll see how they fared!

I checked out the screening venue for tomorrow; it is beautiful and state-of-the-art. Very cool.

The weather was gorgeous today, cooling just enough to make walking comfortable, just humid enough not to frizz hair that frizzes involuntarily in a very humid atmosphere.


THE SERIOUS MAN, the new Coen Brothers' film, was extremely well received in its Ziegfield Theater screening. I've linked its TIME magazine review, which echoes the sentiments of the folks with whom I saw it.

It's not a rolling in the aisles laugh-a-minute film, but it is a reflection on the comedy of life - showing that we have two choices: real life or death that comes in several varieties. Do something that is true to yourself and you're alive, do nothing and stagnation will smother you slowly but surely, do something that flies in the face of who you are, no matter the motivation? It will kill you.

John Fugelsang and I passed on the reception with the Coens in favor of friendship - taking the opportunity for quality time. As we walked around the Central Park area, we ran into a number of people he knows here who are well connected in the industry - each of whom got a placard for our film! John plays two roles in it - one of which makes him totally unrecognizable.

Post-screening John had an appointment with Air America - he had to make another radio appearance. He's a guest on the Stephanie Miller Show this morning.

Meanwhile, I had a delightful late breakfast with filmmaker and actor ("ER" "Juno") Steven C. Parker, his mom and dad. Steven is the real deal - I'll see his short film BIBLE CLIFF NOTES this weekend. Watch for more of his work in the future!

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