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Saturday, December 05, 2009

ACTORS BEWARD: "Breaking Dawn" is NOT being cast yet!

Online scammers (these guys are the worst of the worst) are trying to collect money from actors interested in being in the new "Twilight" saga, but producers say they aren't casting yet!


If you have fallen for their lies and actually sent money, contact your state's Attorney General office. Easy to find online under your state's website.

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  • At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Caitlin said…

    Is it common for actors to pay for an audition for a role? That's would be the first thing to strike me as odd.

  • At 9:26 PM, Blogger cp said…

    Caitlin, unfortunately many people who want to be actors are extremely vulnerable in these situations because they are not given accurate information about how to break into the business.

    And you are correct - legitimate casting directors do NOT charge anything to audition.

    But there are not-so-legitimate casting directors who try to charge ignorant people desiring to be actors, especially in a big film. These folks are not actually hooked up with any legitimate project.

    Scammers usually say they're with a big film that hundreds or thousands of people would be eager to part with their money to have a chance to land a role. Fans also get sucked into these things - they say they're looking for extras so you don't need to have any acting skills to get on board.

    The scammers collect a boatload of money from those who line up around the block for their 30 second shot with a "casting director" as they hand in the paper they've filled out, get their photo taken or maybe a little video with the "casting director."

    After only a day or two of this, the scammers dash away and move on to another city unless media have caught up with these creeps and expose them.

    In most cases, the scammers recruit media support by telling them they're in town to cast a certain film, that if anyone wants to audition for it to contact them at a certain website or number.

    Media are usually pretty excited to help film companies employ local talent.

    The scammers never mention the fee - those signing up find out about it when they make the call or fill out the online consent form.

    There are also "agents" who say you must have your headshots done by a specific, expensive photographer - with the agent getting a kickback from the photographer with whom they do business. Or in some cases agents actually take the headshots themselves - we can always recognize these guys because the pictures are usually so incredibly unprofessional.

    Legit agents can charge a fee for a website on which they post actor's headshots and resume's but nothing else.

    The basic tenant: legit casting agents and agents do not charge you for auditions.


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