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Monday, May 24, 2010

An airborne aerosol of oil coming to spray the Gulf

A boat captain friend says that come hurricane season, the oil and poisonous chemicals used in an attempt to "clean up" the spill will be swept up and hurled onshore like an aerosol of oil and chemicals, then sprayed on land like a massive hit of WD-40.

Plants, animals, people and machinery will be smothered by the stuff.

Breathing the sea of oil and chemical droplets will, minimally, sicken living organisms and most likely kill those who won't have a chance to protect themselves with masks or other ways to prevent the intake of the stifling, poisonous compounds.

This while BP tells UK television audiences the damage done to the area from the continuing hemorrhage of oil caused by BP's attempt to save money will be "minimal" and BP's profits soar greater than they have in their history, giving investors huge stock dividends.

Here's a live feed of the oil spill posted by BP itself last Thursday. Note the fish swimming by that is swept up and drowned in the spewing oil (NOTE: if you cannot see the embedded image, click here to go directly to the YouTube website):

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