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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ashley Judd Rocks the house! ... and the boat...

Ashley Judd is not only one of my favorite actors, she's one of my favorite people.

She's using her brains and celebrity to work on behalf of some pretty controversial causes, one of which is considered an ecological disaster-mountain top coal mining, in which entire mountain tops are removed to harvest coal, especially in her home state of Kentucky.

She is also an ardent advocate for health issues affecting women and girls.

I've seen her speak on the issues about which she is passionate; she is extremely well informed (she received her Master's Degree in Public Administration from Harvard University just a few weeks ago), measured and engaging when she speaks. Still relatively new to this role in her life, she is still just a little nervous as she presents her points of view, but her information is powerful and accurate.

Unfortunately because they can't seem to intelligently refute what she says, the coal industry has retaliated by showing a photo of Ashley topless, here hands discreetly covering her, um, mountain tops... But in an attempt to humiliate her, they've given Ashley and therefore her causes lots of new juice because she's getting attention from media who had no idea she has become such a star speaker on behalf of the planet and its female inhabitants!

Here she is speaking on behalf of health issues that affect women and girls:

Ashley Judd addresses the National Press Club last month about mountain top coal mining. A shakey start, but stick with her, she presents stirring and earth shake-up information.

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