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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hack, wheeze, sneeze!

As Michael and I went over these photos of his visit to a Krisha temple - where food was blessed that we ate to heal ourselves! - we sounded like a seal colony. We returned to the hospital where this time I was prescribed antibiotics - which I know will get rid of this bug!
We've also decided to find a spa where we can take a hot tub, steam bath and get a good massage. Should help us heal briliantly.
All this coughing is very tiring, so we're planning on resting as much as possible today. We started out feeling better - for about 5 minutes, then.... for some reason we were not given any antibiotics two days ago for what we both believe to be sinus infections. In our experience, antibiotics get rid ot the problem pronto.
Last night there was a crazed celebration - with fireworks and cheering! Turns out Inida *almost won* a cricket match! the World Cup Cricket matches are being played now. People were happy - but the monkeys were beside themselves! Running and jumping and flipping about - they were very upset with all the noise and fireworks!
Here's the Krishna temple Michael visited - where the Dance of Bliss was performed.

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