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Friday, April 15, 2011

How impacting and linear information affects us

There are two primary types of information delivery: impacting and linear. Impacting - essentially this method bombards you with (generally) very little real information (data rather than informative messages), giving you little or no time to process what you've been hit with before clobbering you with yet more noise, words, music, photos and/or videos. This is followed by pounding you with more information and sound that may or may not be related to anything you just saw, heard or experienced. Impacting information clutters our minds with useless crap, but because it keeps impacting you relentlessly, your opportunity to respond or properly deal with these communications can result in a psychological numbness and even lethargy. Some end up feeling helpless, overwhelmed by too much incoming messages. Television works with impacting message systems: imbuing you with an entertainment program followed by commercials followed by teases for the next show followed by news headlines (stay tuned) to music videos to the news program, followed by... The more violence and shocking photos and videos use, the more the viewer is impacted. The only remedy, the only effective way to assume your personal power is to turn. it. off. Then choose wisely when you turn it back on, with a new awareness and selectivity. Radio works on a less impacting level. Linear information delivery is what you experience with this blog. Or books. Writing is most generally linear. Formats and images can be impacting, but here you are reading one word at a time (or close to it). You have the opportunity to re-read what is written; to digest, assimilate or discard the thoughts, sentiments, point of view or bias of the writer or story. In short, you can more thoughtfully take in and evaluate what comes into your mind because you are choosing what you wish to read. Internet servers, while using linear media presentations, also like to impact you with more images and stories, trying to lure you into opening a website, page, ad, story, video, whatever. To empower yourself to receive media information and experiences, it's most important to realize whether your being impacted by crap or whether you are choosing to expose yourself to messages and information. Are you showing up to gain knowledge, be entertained, bludgeoned or just pass time? Point is, you are in charge. It's up to you to pick and choose, no matter how they try to blast you with meaningless noise, images and words.

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