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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cell(ular) soul

Well, eek.

I misplaced my cell phone, so had to get another to prevent anyone from abusing my minutes if they find it.

Which means the hundred or so phone numbers I had stored in it must be tracked down and replaced. So I've been inputting numbers over the past several hours thanks to people emailing me their numbers.

This appears to be a common phenomenon because many of the numbers have come with messages of serious sympathy, followed by "BTDT" (been there, done that).

In case you don't know, emergency and rescue workers are trained to check your cell phone as quickly as they can and look under "ICE" - which stands for In Case (of) Emergency, where you should include the number of someone who should be notified in case you are in an accident or need assistance. It's one of the first numbers I input.

It also helps if you alert the person whose number you've input under ICE so they don't take valuable time wondering why on earth the police, fire fighter, emergency or rescue crew member is calling you -- in case they have no idea whom they're treating.

The best part of my new camera is that it takes pictures, so I've been going rather bonkers snapping photos of just about everything in front of me. I have to wait for everyone I know to get photo-using phones in order to send them ... someplace. As it is, the few people I know with picture-bearing phones will receive a tsunami of pet and people snapshots.

This Wednesday I'm interviewing the fantastic CCH Pounder for movieScope magazine. This amazing artist leaves her indelible print on everything she does. She currently plays a tough cop - Detective Claudette Wyms - in the hit FX Networks' edgy award winning TV series "The Shield."

This South American-born artist first came to the major attention of American audiences in 1987 with her searing performance in the memorable indie feature Bagdad Cafe.

Her personal life and career are amazing, but you'll read more about them here than you will in the magazine because my interview focuses almost exclusively on the craft, art and passion of performing for the camera.


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