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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Rodrigo DeMedeirosThat's the working title of the film I'm working on now. It will star Brazillian actor Rodrigo DeMedeiros, Agnes Muljadi and Brittany Quist.

I'm doing the background and homework I need to in order to make this a real sizzler that will (hopefully) captivate you completely as it creates individual, political and institutional aspects of freedom you may not have considered - putting it all up close, forcing three people to grapple with the fight for their own ideas and interpretations of freedom.Agnes Muljadi (photo by Gabe Choy)

I'll have the script finished by the end of the coming week. Personalizing philosophies is lots of fun for me, as well as simplifying what are very complex issues -- making them clear and understandable for the audience.

Brittany QuistGeorge Clooney says it best: what films do really well is raise the questions, films fail when they try to preach or think for you.

A film's best when it exposes you to tons of ideas and allows you to make your own decisions about whatever issue is tossed about. And Freedom is a huge topic - encompassing so many aspects of how we think and respond to literally everything in our lives.

It sounds a little esoteric at this point, but that's only because I don't want to give too much away, since I think you'll be drawn in by the film when you see it.

We entertain, you decide! ;-)

Just ask yourself: do *you* feel free? In your life? In your work? In your relationships? In your country? How you feel makes all the difference, regardless of how things look - or how they really are for that matter.

It is another short -- we (FYP Productionz) were going directly into our feature, Nothing But The Truth, but this project is just too good to pass up, so we decided to go ahead with Freedom first.

Tomorrow I start taking care of a friend's dog while she's off to Italy for three weeks. Which means we will have a full house of pets .. 3 dogs, a cat and 6 fish. It will be fun, since he's such a little love and gets along so well with the whole family!

He's in for a real treat, too. He's getting some training so we can surprise his owner when she returns: I know she'll be thrilled to see him doing back flips, cartwheels and speaking Japanese.. ;-)

Or he could be shaking hands, walking without pulling on the leash and stuff like that.



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