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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Suffering an ack! Attack!

I go through this every time I write an original script that doesn't look like anything else I've ever read with characters who haven't been seen on screen before. I don't do any of this to be "unique," it just turns out that way.



Shortness of breath.

And a girl has to eat - lots. You know, keep my writing energy up for when I finally start tapping those keys! Like "carbing" before a marathon race?

Perhaps I should go grocery shopping. Yes, yes, and buy only healthy stuff. Like ... like ... Can't think of anything *tasty* and healthy. I need advice.

I'll surf the net for ideas. Key words: healthy foods for people who don't cook.

Then make a grocery list.

Another list.

I hate being listless.

I love lists. Especially "to do" lists. I could write and read them forever. Perhaps I should think of actually *doing* at least some of that stuff. Starting ... I don't know ... now..?

Wait. Is my phone ringing?

Hello? Hello?

Oh - right. I turned it off. So I can write.

Right. Write.

I can't believe I haven't practiced the piano this month! If I start now perhaps I can catch up... Where is that song I'm working on - the BeeGees' "Words?" It's around here somewhe-

Wow. Just caught my reflection in the window. I *have* lost a lot of weight. Thanks to those age-old remedies: push my plate away and work out.


Yes, I should put a little pep in my step to spend a few more calories by taking my energetic step-dog (for whom I'm caring another two weeks) on a brisk walk, taking on two MONSTER HILLS! brb.


Whew! Sunny and warm out there! And I'm just in time to take the clothes out of the dryer and put them away. Anything else for the laundry? Gotta keep up with the washing-


Reminds me of *water.* Have to feed my fish and treat their tank! I had no idea taking care of an aqarium would be so much work! brb.


Did I tell you I started cleaning out my den? The den in which innocent people have entered and never been seen again? It's going to take me *days* to clear, clean and organize. It's stacked up to the ceiling with papers, scripts, books, DVD's, video tapes, skeletons, yadda yadda yadda.

After I clean it I'm putting everything back on the new sleek shelves I'm building ... in alphabetical order.

Building those shelves has turned out to be *much* more of a project than I thought it would. Take me days.

Once I get them built, everything put away, the bathroom spotless and disinfected, the kitchen cleaned and clear out the fireplace ashes, I can gather all the script notes and homework I've prepared on over the weeks.

So I can write.

Write. Write ... that reminds me ...

I need to catch up on my emails!

And of course my blog! :-)


Um, an email from my movieScope magazine editor reminding me of my impending column deadline - gulp - inspired me to finish my article immediately. Suddenly my mind is clear and my willing, non-procrastinating fingers are tapping away!


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