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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby steps

I've had the most marvelous experience over the past few months - I sing once a week to a baby who will be born around the first of December.

His mom and I have no idea what this will mean when he is born - we're hoping he comes out with a little musical acumen - but right now I talk and sing to Brock directly. That's his name.

His mom says because I have a lower voice, he can hear me well - apparently deeper tones register more clearly through amniotic fluid.

One of the reasons I sing slower and sweet songs to the Brockster, the Brockmeister, the Brockarama ... is because it settles him down. He is large enough at this stage - we believe he is going to be a very long baby - that when he kicks, his mom wonders if he's going to break one of her ribs! Ow!

So when and after I sing, he settles down for a bit so she can go about her business without encountering a foot through her chest!

I'll save the upbeat songs for after he's born - though there are some happy Christmas songs I'm crooning for him, like "It's a Marsmellow World."

His grandmother sat in on the last session - she seemed to settle down as well .. perhaps this is something I should pursue as an avocation ... ;-) Brockolamadingdong's mom insists she can't sing, but I'm going to give her a few singing lessons so she will surprise one and all!

It will be fascinating to see if he recognizes my voice when he pops out - or if he will try to make singing sounds while his mother still provides womb and board.

Some of the songs I'm writing for him:

Brock around the Clock
Jailhouse Brock
It's Only Brock & Roll But I Like Him
Like A Brock...

hold it .. his mom's on the phone ..

um, OK. "Jailhouse Brock" is out, "Brock of Ages" in.



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