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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm classy!

I'm taking a Seattle community college creative writing class, that is.

The teacher, Steve Lorton, is passionate about story telling, words and characters - his enthusiasm for not stopping until we do great work is infectious!

I'm writing about things far out of my comfort zone, which is the reason I'm there - stretching and challenging myself to come up with the goods in a place I'm not used to being. It's great to push harder and dig deeper in my creative process.

I'm sure it's because, given what I do, Steve says he can't understand why I'm there, taking his class.

Humbly, I submit that to reveal why he wonders this would make me sound like I'm bragging.

Or brilliant (eyes flutter).

Or .. possibly because I signed up for another class and stumbled into his room, so he actually does not understand why I'm *there.*


Meanwhile, I've met many kindred spirits - all of whom are passionate about writing, many of whom are not from the U.S. Anyone who knows me knows I thrive on international points of view.

Everyone in the class is a talented, creative personality, representing all ages with a vast range of interests and careers, including a top Seattle poet.

Lots of deep thinkers and potential friends!

I'm having fun and reaping the exciting rewards of creating far outside my normal box. I *love* this place!

Right -- back to my homework ...


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