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Sunday, October 29, 2006

No two days alike

One of the great things about being a performance coach is working with so many different people with so many different talents!

A young woman I coach in New York City who *loves* music - all kinds of music - and the artists who create it, has her feet on the ground, her eye on a prize, is a great person and has a generous, communicative personality to boot - is going to be auditioning for a VJ gig on MTV.

There are four steps to the audition - each one of which she should knock out of the park (since the World Series just concluded - congrats, Cardinals!).

You go, girl! Good good luck - and as soon as you're booked, I'll put your photo and story on my blog to start the international sensation you're sure to become! ;-)

I'm also working with a singer/actress who is part of a trio creating a cabaret act to be performed in Seattle right after the first of the year.

And I'm working with the trio!

The show centers on the unique story of each woman as she makes her way through the trials and tribulations during the period between World War I and World War II.

All the *three-part harmony* music they're performing is from those eras - when the world pulled together to fight *for* freedom instead of against something. Costumes throughout the show range from military uniforms of the time to smashing evening gowns!

Through their songs, they're also bringing up interesting facts about that significant historical time that many audience members don't remember or don't know.

With any luck, the night club at which they'll be performing will be "dressed" as an old-fashioned USO canteen, and audience members will have paper uniform caps to wear to fit right in.

As soon as they have an opening date, I'll post their photo with the information. So far everyone - all ages, races, occupations - I've told about the upcoming performance says, "Sign me up!"

It's a blast to work with these women - each talented, with something to say.

At the end of our last session, they blended their voices to sing Happy Birthday to me.

Now *that* is a splendid memory that will last me the rest of my life.

Thanks "girls!" (I can see them saluting!)

Another coachee is learning to be a writer/director/actor. His background as a professional athlete gives him the discipline required to do well in all those areas!

It's amazing I can sleep at all with all the exciting opportunities my coachees are creating for themselves.

Seriously - I tend to get as excited as they do in these situations. It's a problem! ;-)


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