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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


American men get a lot of bad PR.

Newspapers, books, music, films- OK, I guess where there's that much smoke there has to be some fires.

But for some reason my best friends are guys. Good guys. Straight men.

They are fantastic people - honest, compassionate, empathetic, forgiving, authentic, open, trustworthy, tender, smart, strong, reliable, consistent, conscientious, communicative, passionate, socially concerned, insightful and even sensitive. Yes, sensitive. Yes, straight.

Most are writers in addition to practicing other professions (some have very macho jobs), so that may influence who they are; how they think and behave.

They're all good family men as well; most have children.

I receive extraordinary counsel from them, and I have to say in a world where women so often speak about men who are unreliable, they've never let me down. Friendship is as important to them as to me and we've never let anything get in the way of that friendship.

They take time; they show their concerns and emotions, as I do.

We also surprise each other - and let each other know constantly that we are a priority, even living half a world apart.

Each is such an individual - with lots of character. In the "what a character" sense as well as having a lot of character - as in having strong values. And each is what I would consider a genuinely successful person, regardless of their social or financial "status."

Our relationships are strong and they are platonic - stuffing another myth that men will never seek a friendship with a woman unless sex is involved.

I have a feeling these men are not isolated cases; we just don't hear about them very often.

In a world that seems to diss guys daily - and many for good reason, face it - I say let's take a day to appreciate the truly great men in our lives!

Let's hear it for the boys! :-))


Meanwhile, the folks who record the hits my website receives report that my blog is read by literally thousands of people in 47 countries! Now that's exciting! Thank you!

Welcome to everyone living in each of them - including all UK nations, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Peru, Finland, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and Romania!



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