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Friday, November 10, 2006

It's a rap! ... sort of ...

OK, someone I coach in New York City works for an international (and I mean big) rap star .. so I guess I have a lot of nerve even trying this, but I did.

One of the assignments for Steve Lorton's creative writing group this week is to create a piece of work based on a "throw away" line.

The line given me is "once upon a time."

I'm known for challenging myself to the limit for these assignments on my own, but one of our members (Smarty "Terri" Pants) laughed and said, "Do a rap!"

As if it would be really really really hard for me to do!

I smirked and rolled my eyes, giving the class the notion that I discounted her idea.

Truth is, I couldn't sleep until I did just that.

Wrote at least a facsimile of a "rap."

I did it for one of my coachees, Tanya Woo, who is "of the age," and she gave the dress rehearsal of the C to the P (aka "Two Cents") a passing rap grade - Whew! I was ready!

So before the class, I got two other students (including Ms. Pants) to be my back up dancers, gave them caps and sunglasses, rehearsed with them briefly and then actually performed the "rap" for the class.

It is with extraordinary humility (never let it be said I don't pass up *every* opportunity to humiliate myself completely in public for my "art..") that I share it with you now.

(Ms. Thang VJ, please don't disown me!! :-))


The story starts
By them old farts
To keep our "rapped" ATTEN-SHUN

They never do
Use nothin' new
To make a good IMPRESS-SHUN

Always the same
It is so lame
You'd think they'd use a FRESH-'UN

We got to switch
It makes me twitch
To hear it yet AGAIN-SOME

So here's the crime
It's not sublime
But stupid, dull AND DUMB

You got a brain
Get off the train
Of fairy tales and WHOLESOME

Once upon a time
Is past its prime
You need some balls so GROW SOME!

clapclapclapclapclapclapclap <---- imagined audience response.

crickets chirp .... and chirp <---- real audience response



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