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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I *love* my work!

What a breakthrough week for the folks I'm coaching - it's awesome to witness their changes and achievements. We've ended our sessions dancing, slapping high fives, hugging and cheering!

Normally, we just say good-bye or hug.

New personal insights have been discovered; solid career plans formed, cold reads are natural and *nailed* after a lot of dedicated work, camera presence became magnetic, singing harmony became .. at least a little .. more free, and new camera acting techniques were perfected that will be used the rest of their performing lives.

One of my model/actresses got her first paid modeling job - in an upscale lifestyle photographic layout - for which she was well compensated.

Yay! I always tell my coachees I want them working soon and often for real cash .. so they can pay their coach! ;-)

Most agencies like to separate modeling from acting talent, since they're generally seen as two separate crafts - so my now professional model (already pro actress) with her first pro modeling resume item shall remain nameless.

Another coachee is putting an audition tape together to submit for a "skilled challenge" reality show. I think he's got a shot! His wife is behind him 100% - and helping.

He says he wants to be on the challenge program to show his kids and his wife he has a championship mentality not just in his chosen sport, but as a person, dad and husband as well.

I can assure you he has it for his studies here. If he's selected, I'll post his photo and info for you to read so you can follow him on the program!

Good luck, mystery auditioner!

Unfortunately, my webmaster friend John has been on a horrific moving into his new house "vacation" so new stuff has not been posted on the website that requires his skill, such as photos, news on the home page, etc., and won't be for a couple more weeks.

Fear not, Gentle Reader, there will continue to be blogs aplenty nonetheless!

Thanks for reading my blog - website hits are pouring in despite the lack of pictures, artwork and home page updates!

But I'm on *fire* these days - inspired to write my heart out on several projects simultaneously that seem to be turning out decently. Thank you, My Dear Muses!


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