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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nothing But The Truth

The heat is on!

I arranged for an actors' reading of my comedy feature script Nothing But The Truth next month, which will put pressure on me to finish it as sharply and quickly as I can in one month. It's completely outlined and half written out at this point.

I'm inviting a couple of very special people to critique the script with me at the performance; these folks are very smart, knowledgeable and insightful, so they should provide some excellent feedback for me, along with the actors.

My goal is to finish the rewrite by January 1. It's actually pretty commercial -- most of my scripts, like The Director, Freedom and A Novel Life, lean more toward the independent side.

Meanwhile, I'm developing investor contacts who might help me get my script produced. Having an excellent, completed script soon should advance the production cause!

We find out if Mortal Wound is accepted for a major film festival the first week in December.

Wish me luck!


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