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Monday, January 08, 2007


OooooooooK ....

Just starting to come out of the maze and drugs and all ..

Interesting, as I was checking out, the hospital gave me a list of things I should do to take care of myself and what symptoms indicate infection, at which time I should call them immediately.

Fortunately I had a friend there to help me remember all of them.

With that there was a list of what I SHOULD NOT do for three weeks surrounding the surgery.

One of which is to NOT SIGN any legal documents.

Then at the end of all the care-taking, contact, etc., lists there was one last request - I'm sure to make sure they are legally covered in case I don't follow the many instructions outlined on the pages:

To sign the release papers.

Wait. Aren't they a .. legal .. ??

Of course I signed and noted the irony with the check out nurse, who took the matter very seriously. I assured her my intent was to merely point out the humor.

At the mercifully pain drug-riddled time, I used the word humor instead of irony because I couldn't remember the definition of ironic and tried to remember the lyrics to Alanis Morrisette's Isn't It Ironic? to see if I got it right. I decided not to start singing the song - it's pretty loud and angry... but to wait until I was a little more conscious and ...

Wait. Isn't there some sort of controversy about her definition of ironic in that song? That perhaps she should have said "coincidental" instead. Coincidental doesn't really flow, musically, does it .. nor give it that ascerbic, bitter sound one needs for the sad little examples she uses-

Oh, never mind. Another day and I should be mobile and communicative.

Will says my new name should be "Perky."

A good sign.


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