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Monday, February 05, 2007

Crisis mentality

Brazil is reported to have the best public transporation system in the world.

They did not get it incorporating the typical Western "crisis mentality."

They spent 30 years planning, developing and executing a system that not only serves everyone, but is used by people from every economic status - rich and poor.

Compare that with Britian, Europe and US - whose decision-makers only seem to understand a problem exists just before voting time - generally every four to six years.

Transportation problems equal election time outrage by those opposing those in office. Then when the new person is elected? Um, not much is done except fill potholes and create more "studies" for how to deal with the outrageous problem of stagnant commuter traffic!

Until election time - when, again, voters are still stuck in commuter traffic, mad as hell, and think the only way to solve the problem is to elect someone new.

Politically, the same can be said of health care, education, the environment and many other issues that affect our daily lives by making us sicker, less learned and hapless victims of global warming (yeah, yeah, I know - it hasn't been "proved" 100% so we should do nothing to address the problem - whatever it is - while the planet deteriorates).

Crisis mentality.

Wait 'til there's a crisis, then try to address it - something that ought to have been addressed long ago.

Relationships, businesses, finances, international negotiations, and many more problems are neglected and allowed to fester until the crisis is finally recognized - and if you're lucky, you can pull together and create a plan to recover and rectify the situation.

All too often, however, by the time the crisis has hit it's too late to fix the problem, heal the wound or address it without numerous people getting hurt or even killed.

Interestingly, *someone* has usually seen it coming, spoken up - only to be ignored, condemned, fired, or dismissed as being hysterical or overreacting. I'm usually that someone, btw. Now I just leave those situations because it's too painful to watch the fruition of my predictions come true.

Several times in my career(s) people in my past have either contacted me to tell me I was right about what I saw/believed or surmised, or apologized for treating me disrespectfully when they witnessed my prognostications materializing and realized I only wanted to solve the problem they refused to (want to) recognize at the time.


As I write this blog, I'm aware of one detail in my life that I neglected recently! I need to address it NOW in order for it not to mushroom into a problem (which precedes a crisis)!

Whew! Later!


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