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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Freedom and responsibility

Sometimes I feel responsible for things that I'm really not - just because I've been part of a project or situation.

I realized this afternoon that those who don't live up to their responsibilities only have further proof they won't ever need to fulfill their committments if someone always swoops in to complete their work for them.

Some might consider this "rescuing" a person or situation - when the fact is someone refusing to live up to his or her responsibilities doesn't need someone to take up their slack. They just need to be accountable for their actions or inactions.

It's not the same thing as helping someone who is ill, captive in a hospital or otherwise honestly incapacitated.

I've been known to rescue people and projects my whole career - in fact some people have paid me tidy sums to do this very thing for individuals and establishments.

But today I decided immediately after my lightbulb moment that I am not going to take over someone else's responsibilities when they are perfectly capable of doing the work themselves and just choose not to.

Suddenly and oddly, I was completely relieved when I thought, "It's their choice. I simply need to cut my losses."

Taking with me what worked; leaving behind what didn't.

Now I only work with savvy people who keep their word and fulfill their obligations - professionally, morally and ethically - to the project and others involved in its completion.

Instead of feeling guilty or disappointed, I'm experiencing a refreshing sense of freedom.

I'm walking away from a dysfunctional situation - turning off the lights as I leave - and running toward incredible new, substantial opportunities with some genuine, gifted and generous people for whom I've waited a lifetime to rendezvous.

Life rocks.


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