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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Letting go

It's amazing how good it feels to simply .. let go.

Releasing - genuinely liberating whatever feels sticky or like it's hanging on, even for appropriate, meaningful, sentimental, professional, financial or legal reasons - is an amazing feeling of freedom.

Taking appropriate action that makes letting go a reality, then imagining whatever it is as a little cloud that dissipates; a balloon that continues to rise until it disappears; a fire that burns out completely.

Positive feelings or memories that are meant to remain from a relationship, individual, pet, experience or project will always live on in our hearts.

And with every thing we set free - an opening is created that allows us to produce whatever it is we want to replace it with.

Frustration can be replaced with ease; saddness with happiness; feeling stuck with feeling free.

Up to you!

My nearly 20 year-old cat Cagney, who recently died in my arms, was cremated. Her ashes sit on the fireplace mantel in a very attractive, small dark grey urn. There's something comforting about having them around. Cherishing all those years as well as our last moments together.

It's time to let go and put at least some of them in her favorite place.

Next week, on a suny day, I'm spreading some of her ashes on the spot she loved the most - a little patch of grass next to the backyard fence on which she slept for hours in the sun every day the sun was out.

Believe it or not, there are lots of them in Seattle.

I still see her curled up there - raising her head occasionally to say "meowdy!" when she saw me, which was often. I loved to watch her enjoy herself so much just ... be ... I'd check on her as she basked several times a day. She was also probably entertained as she laid there - it's said that cats see angels.

My new little kitten Allie Cat is probably watching Cagney and my previous cat, Kitzel, play together - since both were truly little angels as earthlings - they must be having a party now that they're free of any mortal bodies and worldly physical obstacles!


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