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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars day/night


One of my actresses is actually at the Oscars today - she just texted me she's almost ready for the red carpet - Gwyneth Paltrow just waved and said "hi!"

She's going to be texting me updates throughout the afternoon and evening.

I'm coaching four of the actors (including her) in her new film - and need to double check with the director to get approval for the type of British accent I'm giving two of those actors/characters. I think educated middle class is important to show their backgrounds as well as the esteemed professional positions they hold now.

He has a lot of faith in me, which is wonderful, but I always like to double check with directors to make sure the work I'm doing with actors in their film contributes to their projects in ways they absolutely love and believe elevate the artistic level of the film.

I know I would want that if I work with an acting coach when I direct. So far, I've coached all the actors in my films because I know what they can do and what the project needs, so ... I'm looking forward to working with some exceptional acting coaches in the future for the features I will be directing.

It is loadsa fun on either side!

More later - possibly much later (as in tomorrow) because I'm going to an Oscars' party with my personal assistant, Lance Myers, held by a group of filmmakers here in Seattle. :-)

3:10 pm UPDATE:

She ran into trouble with her ultimate dress - a rare, antique gown that should set tongues dragging and wagging on the fashion scene .. the seamstress showed up just in time!

But the make-up artist is late! Flying in from another state, she was supposed to have arrived long before now. What to do, what to do? Tick tick tick tick. It's already 3:12pm and she's due to leave for the read carpet awhile ago! Eek!

My actress has some newspaper interviews lined up to do after the awards show. She mentioned she would be sure to discuss her upcoming project, me (!), her co-star, etc. But I told her, "This night is about you. Your work. What you have done. Everything else is extra. Just bask in people celebrating you and you celebrating all those accomplished artists. Remember everything. This is your night, Cinderella - and the shoe fits!"

With just a skosh of luck, she'll move from the audience to the podium in no time! Well - that is, IF the make-up artist arrives in time!!!

Meanwhile, I don't want you to get the idea that I get all my jollies living vicariously through my actors! NO WAY.

I've got lots of big plans today before the party....

Lots of them. I already dashed off to Costco for my diet shakes, I'm getting ready to change the kitty litter, I just finished the laundry and-

Oh, yeah.

I see what you mean.. ;-)

More later!

4:15 pm UPDATE

The replacement make-up artist arrives!

5:30 pm UPDATE

She stepped out of the limo to the glory that is the red carpet, made her way through the maze to catch up with the two people with whom she is sitting.

She got hugged by her New Best Friend (;-) Anne Hathaway - and caught up with her seatmates!

Then had to turn her PDA off when she went inside until after the awards are presented and she's out of the Kodak.

Meanwhile, the party we went to turned out to be not so swell; we snuck out the back door. A pizza's on the way and we're in our hang out to watch the Oscars clothes. Ellen's off to a good start; she's wearing a beautiful suit.


  • At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Cp, you rock!! glad you enjoy the updates. It was a great night indeed :)


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