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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Springing into action!

Ah, Spring!

Time to renew, clean house, plant seeds, watch plants grow, put on my sunglasses and bask in the sunlight that has made its rare appearance this year in the Northwest.

Yesterday was the first day of my physical rejuvenation and fitness program! I want to finish losing the weight I "found" when I couldn't be active while recovering from surgery for the past 3 months.

I just joined a free nutrition-exercise online service that provides the same information and benefits for individual members and support groups as those charging cold hard cash, SparkPeople.

The same caveat emptor is always a given when I mention any website I've found, but I will say for myself that I find it very helpful.

It's the old eat properly and move enough to burn up calories formula with a lot of support.

I'm not much of a joiner, so my support will basically be checking in every day, keeping track of everything I eat, drinking my 8 glasses (at least) of water and my exercise choices (cardio and strength training).

SparkPeople has a lot of food and menu choices for my personal program, which I need since I don't cook very much (I consider peeling an orange "cooking").

This is a day to day process for me, the old "one day at a time" ritual.

I have very realistic weight loss and optimal health goals, which I can achieve just by paying attention to what I'm eating and pushing myself to *move* every day. It's not a source of stress or pressure or discomfort for me - just a fact of life, part of my daily schedule.

And I do have to schedule exercise as well as plan my menu for the following day to make certain I stay on track because nearly twice the number of people I normally coach are seeking my services and I said "yes." Several of them take more than one session at a time, so 23 people is a lot to coach and mentor, but I'm too easy. As soon as they tell me, "Your the *only* one who understands how to help me ..."

I'm screwed- I mean, I'm *hooked* and agree to coach them.

I also bought a road (as opposed to competitive or mountain) bicycle to make sure I don't rely on my car so much, especially for all the errands I run that are too distant for walking (I do walk for those within a mile or two) and not so far that I necessarily need a car to get there and back in a reasonable time.

I'm not wild about having bicyle helmet hair, but it's worth it to keep the cardio pumping at times it would ordinarily be a mellow car passenger. I bought it - practically brand new - at a neighborhood pawn shop. It's in perfect shape and cost only about half its normal price. I also bought saddle bags to carry goods from my errands, and lights - head and rear, in case I find myself peddling at night. I bought them through ebay - again, a great savings, even after shipping costs.

I ordinarily buy most things online now through amazon.com because it has a delivery cost ceiling - apparently not so at ebay. I got burned a couple times with outlandish shipping charges from ebay items, so I shop there very little any more - only when I can find an excellent bargain with reasonable delivery charges.

I've also started walking three miles around a nearby lake with my friend Michelle. I'll take Junior - my new pup - with me next time. He walks like a little Pomeranian show dog champion, so it should be fun watching people react to him.

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