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Saturday, May 05, 2007

What is sacred to you?

I had the most interesting thing happen in one of my coaching sessions recently.

It rocked my world.

As we wrapped up our meeting, my writing/performing coachee told me he considered our sessions and our work "sacred." That he considered my "wisdom," my willingness to share it so openly, and our collaboration sacred.

More, he considers my home studio a sacred place because he has derived so much knowledge and so much good here.

"This is a sacred place to me," he added thoughtfully.

I instantly realized that my relationship with most people who come through that door is sacred. That's not enough. Every relationship I have chosen to be in should be sacred. If it's not, why not?

I thought - when we consider ourselves, our time, our love, our art, our minds and souls, health, relationships, work, homes, children, pets; acts of learning, of sharing, of enlightening and empowering as well as becoming enlightened or empowered "sacred," they become intrinsically more valuable and appreciated.

Perhaps even considering our possessions sacred might limit those we collect and purchase, appreciating more those we do choose to bring home or use or give away.

When we understand the sacred, we remain aware of life instead of letting it pass us by; we are clearly conscious of what we are doing, where we are going, what we want, what we want to do and how we want to live.

I just realized that if we who have weight issues would consider food sacred, our relationship with what we eat would change significantly; if we considered our bodies sacred, our relationship with how we treat it and what we feed it would change as well -- all for the good.

I'm not suggesting that every relationship in the world should be sacred, but that when we choose to have a relationship, its sacredness should become sacrosanct.

The opposite of making our lives, love, work and relationships sacred is to neglect them, and/or take them and our lives for granted.

I guess I don't want to live that way.

I'm up for experiencing more things as sacred.

Yes, the words of my protégé were a genuine and awe-inspiring awakening.

Thank you, Earl.

The student has once again become the teacher. Namaste.

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