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Friday, July 13, 2007

Crunch time

If you are a faithful blog reader, you know I've been completing the first draft of a new comedy feature script I'm writing for a deadline the past couple weeks.

It's the hardest writing work I've ever done because I've learned some new things recently that deepen my screenplay with character, structure and story details, and want to apply them. But dealing with these enormous changes and challenges consistently, persistently, paid off yesterday.

When I awoke yesterday - the full day dedicated to writing - everything fell completely into place. It all made sense; everything was factually and common sensibly logical -- even though you will be surprised at every turn.

The fun twists and turns may be perceived as unexpected, but in reality all the groundwork is laid for the film to show exactly the way characters I've created would actually react! Well, OK, there is some exaggeration in a couple of scenes. After all it is a comedy.

The key to making it to the point of joy was to stick with it day in and day out, to tough it out, to keep researching, do the ground work and put words on the screen.

It is like making my way up a steep roller coaster rail, one click at a time, until I reach the top and have a blast on the ride down! Especially since I'm coming in for a landing soon.

Honestly I was surprised at the quality of work I read when I reviewed it. Not that many changes in store for it so I did not have to spend additional hours rewriting or editing.

Still, make no mistake. The definition of writing is: rewriting. Rewriting to the 10th power.

I love this creative process - every bit of it. The highs, the lows, the yes's, the no's, the night sweats caused by trying to figure out how the heck he does that and she doesn't, the sleepless nights, the headaches, heartaches, victories, joy, laughs, frustration, dedication, devotion, artistic expression, personal fulfillment and success that only happens with persistence, persistence, persistence.

The creative spirits and forces share our journey; as long as they are with us we can't go wrong.

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