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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Handwriting feels more personal

I recently decided to send a dear friend a letter of appreciation and admiration, and it was a challenge.

First, the decision to send my sentiments hand written.

I generally think on the computer, but I also write by hand when I'm separated from my laptop. In fact, I write by hand so little for other people to read, it was a shock to realize my handwriting is not the most pleasant work of art on which to cast your eyes.

When I take notes for interviews (I tape record them as well), I print.

When I take research notes, I (mostly) print.

My printing is not bad. But to send it as a meaningful, heartfelt message, I figured it would look more like a kidnap ransom note than a missive of affection.

So the outcome was a sort of hybrid between script and print, which appeared to me like it would pass for the handwriting of at least a near adult.

I attribute this to moving 17 times by the time I was 17. When a kid changes schools that often, handwriting seems to be a subject that is overlooked, especially when one can get away with printing homework early on and of course typing and printing it out later.

But everything I wanted to say, I did. And to have sent an email or typewritten letter simply would not have felt to me as if it was personal enough, as if it meant as much.

My brother occasionally sends handwritten notes and letters. I enjoy receiving them.

My handwritten notes to him are usually on humorous greeting cards that I hope make him laugh. Hopefully, he considers my handwriting - my punchlines and "artwork" - part of the laugh.

In the end I wonder if it is so much the handwriting as it is the understanding of how much time it takes to write by hand in these busy days.

Taking time to think about what to say, then to carefully writing those thoughts and feelings.

Knowing this is my "real" gift, I probably end up feeling as good about writing them - struggling as I might with my penpersonship - as the person receiving it.

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