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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Public expenses, private profits

Lots of folks are identifying what is so frustrating about the economic policies of the Bush administration:

All costs of his actions - whether for wars overseas or programs at home - are born by us taxpayers, while all the profits from his actions remain with private businesses, most of whom are selected without any bidding process.

How have he and Dick Cheney been able to get away with this?

The list is long, but it starts with an unquestioning news media whose profits depend on the advertisers who are the beneficiaries of those profits. I'm not saying the news media lapdogs were unquestioning because the advertisers are those flourishing war profiteers, but it just looks that way.

It started because they didn't do their job. They didn't question or challenge this administration because they actually believed the administration wanted to take care of a grieving nation. Nope, they only used the horror as leverage to push their agenda - go to war with Iraq.

There is proof that when our military had Osama Bin Laden in its sights for execution, they were called away from completing their task by orders from the Bush administration. Does that mean they kept Bin Laden alive to maintain the national emotional drive against Iraq?

If Bin Laden had been killed, perhaps the nation would feel a sense of relief - that a chapter was closed. That would not give Bush and Cheney the national emotional momentum they need to push the war on Iraq.

Fewer than 3,000 people - not all Americans and including many Muslims - were killed on 9/11.

Today, six years later? Nearly 4,000 American military men and women have been killed in Iraq; more than 25,000 have been injured, most of them seriously.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed.

Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11. It has only something to do with Bush and Cheney and what they want to procure for their corporate and oil buddies, regardless of how much it drives our economy into the ground, how many lives are lost - American or any nationality for that matter.

What are they after? It is *not* freedom - ask any Iraqi how free he or she is - or feels.

So then what could it be? I've never been a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe what they're really after has nothing to do with freedom, no matter how much the President pleads it is.

What they're really after appears to be money to achieve more power. After all corporations are after money and have no allegiance to a nation, just to profits.

But it's almost impossible for me to believe even *they* would be *that* greedy.

So what could it be? Something grander that has nothing to do with the well being of the US?

I'd say it deserves investigating, because every time their real agenda is mentioned, the administration has been brilliant about distracting the media and us from the subject at hand. Hmmmmm.

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