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Monday, October 22, 2007

What's your identity?

A feature script I'm writing has become a journey by just about all its characters to find their personal identities, which in turn relates to how they wish to show who they are to others.

Interestingly, they all use significant addictions - to everything from tradition to religion to gambling, drugs and more - to distract themselves from discovering who they are.

Even the characters who seem to be "just fine" discover they are also immersed in habits that prevent them from seeking who they really are because their goal is only to fit in.

One thing is clear about our youngsters: when we don't allow and encourage them to develop their true core identity, they will find one - whether it has anything to do with who they actually are or not. But it will give them a sense of belonging and purpose - no matter how negative.

Interestingly, only one person in this milieu worked to find who he really is and lives in peace among all the others because of it. For he has nothing to prove, nothing to hide and nothing to hide from - including himself.

Fascinating journey for me as well, creating all these characters and their dilemmas. Of course there's the drama of all this, but there's comedy, too. Usually a comedy of errors!

Pretty exciting stuff for this writer.

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