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Friday, October 05, 2007

The world's best birthday massage!

Holy moly.

So, there I was, finishing up the fourth week at the Seattle Weight Loss Boot Camp, very happy with all the progress I made (I already signed up for a second month of getting up early and working out in the woods), when there was a drawing for one gift massage for our group.

At a place called Habitude in the northwest Seattle neighborhood of Ballard.

I'd never been there, nor had I heard about it (which shows how much I get out - I discovered later the place has national, regional and local awards for it's renowned massages!), and since I seldom win anything, I stayed busy putting my equipment away when Joy's hand went into the cap. After the faux drum roll, our boot camp leader, Kimae, joining Joy in announcing, "CP!"

I thought they were just calling me to get my attention, but no - *I* won the massage! On my birthday!

I was so happy - after working out as hard as I did the morning of my birthday, I needed a massage! I called immediately for an appointment and, luckily, got one with the masseuse recommended to me, Cory, for late afternoon.

I got the ultimate massage and oh, my goodness. I have never had such a complete, thorough, terrific massage in my life - and I get a lot of massages. This guy is in a spiritual, physiological awareness and physically powerful league of his own.

I told him I felt like a car being detailed by a superb body shop - every dent removed, the engine tuned to a fine point, my tires and chassis realigned, plus a new coat of paint. Muscles, bones and organs readjusted (he did some deep tissue work I've not experienced before, and became acquainted with every tendon and ligament in my bone structure).

What a gift! What an experience. Admittedly, after the workout yesterday morning and the muscular-skeletal makeover, I can barely move today ...

But it was worth it!

Interestingly, at the end of the 90-minute massage, he gave me stretching and icing information for any muscular discomfort I might experience. I thought he was giving me suggestions for dealing with aches and pains from working out at Boot Camp. Nope, it was also - perhaps particularly - for his reformation work, since it's the first time I've had such deep tissue work done.

Mind you, the choice of additional deep tissue work was mine, I could have also had a lighter pressured massage, but Cory was concerned that I get as effective a treatment as possible since I'm still recovering from chemotherapy, radiation, cancer ubermeds and working out at boot camp.

It was another surprising, outstanding and healthy contribution to the enjoyment of a pretty special and memorable birthday week-long celebration; with any luck I can drag this thing out even longer! ;-)

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