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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cool, clear water

In the early 1980's - more than 20 years ago when I worked in television and radio news, I did several reports on the need to conserve water because if environmental scientists (don't believe that's what they were called then) were correct, we would be in for a horrendous shortage if we didn't start respecting our use of water, and consume it carefully.

If you know me, I was not reporting this story for any political reason or with any political slant.

Water, water everywhere? Not really.

I mean, how many thirsty babies can you identify as Republicans or Democrats or Socialists or Americans or Christians or...

Seems that we're all sharing the earth's land and water, and if we want to continue sharing it in good health, like our own bodies, we have to take care of them.

As you might guess, however, I was called an "alarmist, leftie, tree-hugger," and much worse for giving my audiences scientific facts and reasoned assessments and analysis.

So today there are several parts of the US suffering from droughts that have not experienced them before - mostly (but not all) due to squandering the resource when it was plentiful instead of planning its use wisely so it could be conserved for future use.

Then there's that green house gas story, global warming, etc., that received a similar response.

It always amazes me when people get so wound up when researched options are expressed. I just hear them as something to be further researched, and if they pass the whiff test, they get reported.

This is a recent photo of a Kentucky lake that was once brimming with water.

Think of having a day when you are restricted to one tall cool glass of water -- when we are supposed to drink eight to remain in optimal health.

Just for the heck of it - think of just one way you can conserve water today. Like only running a little bit in a glass to use for brushing your teeth. Or not flushing the toilet every time it's used (when it's yellow, let it mellow, when it's brown, flush it down). Or using a recycling car wash to clean your wheels. Or take shorter showers.

Not all of them, mind you.

Just one.



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