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Monday, December 03, 2007

Bush credibility crushed on Iran WMD scare

So the update on the intelligence from and about Iran flies completely in the face of the threat that the Bush administration has painted for us. Remember him talking about Iran possibly starting "the Third World war" only a few weeks ago because they were a kiss away from building a nuclear bomb.

Just as he did with his push to invade Iraq, Bush told us and the Congress that we have to get going now because they're creating weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Now. And we can't wait to act. After all, to quote US Secretary of State Condi Rice, we don't want that "smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."


Well, the bungling Bush administration has done it again.

The US intelligence report (they work for the US and therefore Bush) just released says nope, Iran stopped working toward building a nuclear warhead in 2003.


Hmm. That's nearly four years ago.

Yep, there he is, our president. Right on top of what's really going on.

Sadly, although the military surge has worked in some areas of Iraq, stabilizing those places, the only way to achieve peace and to support them enough to bring them home is through political negotiations among the warring factions in Iraq.

And nothing is happening there politically. As in there is no movement toward a negotiated peace by the Iraqi government. Why should they try when they haven't been able to get along for centuries and the Americans are there to at least temporarily keep the peace.

Unfortunately, the only reason there needs to be a stabilization by US forces is because the US military was ordered to step into a wasp nest - invading the sovereign nation to begin with, which put our military men and women in harm's way. For no factual reason - but Halliburton and other multinational corporations with no-bid contracts have been paid billions of our tax dollars and borrowed money to "rebuild" the nation that we are responsible for destroying.

And it seems every time they've rebuilt something - it's destroyed. Heck, that's OK, because they're just paid more money to re-re-re-re-rebuild whatever needs it.

Meanwhile, US military men and women continue to be killed there, despite the surge "working," at least temporarily.

At least this time, with Bush's declaration that we need to take action against Iran immediately, decision-makers didn't take Bush's word, they actually read the intelligence report.

When the US intelligence report released before the decision to go to war with Iraq stated that there was no reason to go to war there, that invading the nation would only open a can of horrific quicksand from which we would never escape, apparently too few people read it to make a difference. Certainly it made no difference to George Bush.

This time, more people refuse to drink the kool-aid and are working to cover your backs, troops.

Merry Christmas.

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