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Monday, December 10, 2007

Preparing for next year

I've decided to "go for it," to pursue the opportunity I mentioned a couple days ago.

And right along with stepping off that cliff, believing I'll be caught, I'm pursuing a few more opportunities that will significantly impact my life next year.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated beautifully, the menorah is up as well with candles nearby (I cover all the bases!); it's time to forge my goals for 2008.

Personal, physical, creative, financial, spiritual and relationship goals.

One thing about making goals - so many I've made in the past have come to fruition, it's always exciting to write them down and watch them manifest!

In so many ways, 2007 was a terrific year - and it was also a groundwork, a foundation year. All the hard work of the past several years is paying off - blossoming into dream-come-true fruition.

As Dennis Hopper puts it, "It's not what you dream, it's what you do with your dreams!"

I wish you the most wonderful dreams - and that they come true for you next year!

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