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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wanna meet a family of champions?

Meet Team Taylor.

Jojo, 4 years old and one of the stars in my Heinz ketchup commercial, is in the opening rounds of fighting a winning battle with leukemia.

His family has pulled together and put up one of the best blogs ever about his heroic efforts and work to get well - to get away from hospitals and transfusions and all those tests!

All the Taylors are heroes in my book. Jojo's brother even waited to open his *birthday presents* until Jojo could be with him to see him rip off the wrapping paper and all the great stuff inside the boxes!

Check it out - all the prayers, good wishes, good will and healthy thoughts going his way through this blog are definitely making a difference in Jojo's treatment and recovery.

Feel free to leave a message for this incredible family and their son, the star!!

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