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Sunday, January 27, 2008



We didn't have all of our four hours of rehearsal time - which we desperately needed - because one of the main actors didn't show up without an explanation. So we ended up waiting, starting late, I read for her until I decided to fire and replace her - she was safe at home, just tired.

It happens more than it should. Some people who say they are actors - or that they want to be actors - are not because their behavior is unprofessional. They end up hurting all the other actors and show itself because we've been stripped of precious, necessary rehearsal time.

I'm usually very good about spotting wannabe's, but slipped in this case. So in the end I have to take responsibility because it was my casting choice as director.

I then switched to plan B and recast the role - to an excellent actor whose work is so fantastic I can't complain. It's better for the replacement actor, too, because this opportunity will give her a chance to stand out much more for the audience and VIP's. Not to mention her terrific contribution to the performance.

We were so busy at rehearsal I didn't have time to take pictures for you, but I shall for the theater performance tonight (Monday, Jan 28) to share with you tomorrow.

Honestly, I feel so fortunate to be working with these actors. My last note to them read, "I expect every one of you bandit actors to steal every scene!" I didn't say, "and the show" because my goodness - I have to give them *something* to shoot for!

I'm very proud to be working with "my" cast - you'll meet them Tuesday, as well as Executive Producer Chris Koruga. I'll also include my review of the evening!

If Chris and I make the film (our fervent hope investors in the audience step up to sign checks after the performance), all the actors in the reading performance will be given the opportunity to audition for roles.

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