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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting the word out ...

Along with all our post production work on THE WHOLE TRUTH - Friday we're setting up the credits, main titles and subtitles for the film - we are just now starting to develop what we need to show distributors and audiences: namely, websites for THE WHOLE TRUTH as well as Heart Break Productionz, with photos that were taken during the shoot, a trailer, bios of the folks involved, a sample of Ragnar Rosinkranz's amazing music and many more exciting tidbits.

We are starting this process earlier than we planned because distributors have already started to contact us about THE WHOLE TRUTH.

My partner Gary Allen Tucci and I plan on having serious meetings with quality distributors with whom we can create a lifelong relationship rather than just trying to sell one film.

We have three features already underway, with our first in the final stages of post production, so we want to establish a strong association with a distributor who understands what we are doing and that we only want to create quality films for our audience.

With Larry Estes as our producer and negotiator - who already knows many of these people - we believe this is a reasonable goal.

The trailer will probably NOT feature a scene from the film.

Instead, we want to give you a scintillating visual promise of the premise that should compel you to see the film, with photos of our brilliant leading lady (Elisabeth Röhm) as Angela Masters, an acting coach gone wild who gives personality transplants - that is, "character transformations" - to criminals, so they can influence juries just enough to acquit them!

When you see the film, you'll see why we don't want to spoil your visual surprises.

If you're familiar with screwball comedies, I've taken the genre and flipped it on its ear. If you are not? Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. This is definitely an original work. If you're a screenwriting or film making student, forget the "shoulds" and see how rules are broken - what fun is it for a writer/director to repeat a "formula script/movie" you've seen a bazillion times?

I also suggest you sip your soda carefully. We've had a few spit take and nose hose incidents during the test screenings, when the film's editing wasn't completed or sound and appearance polished.

If you're so inclined - and of course you find the film as funny as we do - a sturdy pair of Depends might be in order.

Not ... that I ... would ... know ...

Back to work with me!

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  • At 4:04 PM, Blogger The Entertainment Corner said…

    If there's anything I can do to help get the word out about THE WHOLE TRUTH ... please let me know!!

    This fan is totally willing to support :)


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