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Saturday, August 01, 2009


I have two quietly gurgling fountains in my home.

I gave them names - I tend to be anthropomorphic that way. I call each of them The Fountain of Soothe.

"Flow" seemed a bit on the nose.

There's not only a sense of tranquility with the sound of fountains gently pouring water day and night, but it reminds me that life well lived moves continually. There is no sense of feeling stuck.

My own private waterfalls.

For the Chinese, water represents Qi, which is our inner energy, our soul power as it were; and fountains constantly remind us that water is the element necessary for all life on earth.

In Feng Shui, fountains create positive Qi - which helps create a healthy living environment.

My small, portable fountain has small stones over which the water pours, which represents the power of nature over all the elements of our planet, reminding us that we are one of those stones - nature does rule us no matter how much we try to contain it. That should remind us to be humble. My larger, plug-in fountain features a fairy/angel (you choose) overseeing the world as water continually cleanses the orb as the small pool around the globe flows.

They both need to be refilled daily - the larger one with a full cup of water - to keep the water pure and clean, and to keep the fountain engines running smoothly.

Without water to churn, they can burn out.

It keeps me involved with that whole cleansing and tranquil cycle - it's a way to keep me involved.

Interestingly, not everyone who comes into my house notices the fountains. And sometimes when they do, they ask, "Have you always.... had ...?" To which I nod my head. Yep.

It's also nice to gaze longingly at my fountains on very hot days, wishing I were an inch tall and could jump in to cool off. Even the thought, however, puts just a bit more of a refreshing breeze in my psyche.

Before you ask - I've forgotten where I bought these, but I got them online.

There are fountains galore available online.

Be a careful shopper - get one that is the perfect size and motif for your personality and living circumstance or office. Some are a little pricey, others are shockingly inexpensive but are still sturdy.

Make sure it's a good fit because as many years as I've had mine, I know I'll have them the rest of my life.

Oh, one more note -- I think they also make me thirsty, so I drink plenty of water. ;-)

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