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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On to distribution!

I'm back in Bad Animals' Sound Studio today, putting the ultra finishing touches on the new cut of THE WHOLE TRUTH with sound editor Dave Howe, preparing it for two screenings we're holding for distributors and their representatives in theaters next Tuesday afternoon in Burbank and evening in Beverly Hills.

It appears at this point we'll have a good turnout. Quality distributors will be represented - and the most shocking news is how many studios are sending reps, when most studios have done away with their indie film departments or simply kissed them off.

Several of the film's stars will be on hand to chat after the film is screened. At least one surprise guest star will be there; she's not associated with the film, but she's gracing us with her presence for moral and critical support. I'll take photos.

After we finish our work in the sound studio today, "screeners" of the film will be made to show those who cannot come to the screening - or the bosses of those who are there, if they have an interest in picking up the film.

Screeners are always scary to me because they are often viewed on (smaller) TV screens and although they are made on DVD formats, they are made with a very degraded picture quality - ultra-low resolution - which is near hideous compared to the splendid look on the big screen - and the way the film will appear when its DVD is created.

Two reasons for this: the most important is that it can't be pirated, the second is that the word "screener" pops up here and there so whoever watches it will know that it's not intended for sale or normal entertainment, only to be screened by an official film festival viewer or distributor/rep.

Screeners won't be made available until the end of next week; we hope to seal the deal with a distributor within two days of the screening - before screeners will be available.

Veteran screeners know the low quality is part of the viewing package - others do not and wonder about it, which is why we're advised not to show screeners to anyone other than those for whom it's intended.

The new poster is also printed up for distributors to see as they enter the theaters at which we're screening the film so they can be prepared for what they're about to see.

As excited and proud as I am of this new cut, I'm keeping my expectations to a minimum. As much as I love and am in love with this film, I can only hope others will be, too - but it's like introducing your incredible fiancee to your friends.

You're madly in love with her - hoping, praying they love her at first sight - but in fact because she's so unique, they may need a moment or two to get to get to know her so they will love her as much as you do!

My assistant Aaron has a motto: "Ya never know."

So true.

Especially when it comes to comedy.

I'll give you the blow by blow of the distribution process after the screening next week - and explain why I asked our producer Larry Estes to invite some folks in the movie biz not ordinarily asked to attend these events. I'm really intrigued to see if/how it works out!

Wish us luck!

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